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Guess the score 2017-18 Rules

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  • Guess the score 2017-18 Rules

    Here are those all-important prediction league rules for the 2017-18 season.

    Hopefully we will have more people taking part this season. There are a couple of little tweaks to the
    way you can get points and how many points you get.

    So here is the vital information for the competition in simple form.
    • All predictions must be submitted before kick-off.
    • Submission time will be stated for each game.
    • Points will be awarded for the following: -
      • Correct team to win
      • Correct team and score
      • Attendance
      • Away support Ė Home and Away games
      • Time of first goal
    First goal is the minute according to the BBC website.
    Any predictions submitted after the kick off time will not be valid.

    For the first goal, all I will need is a minute. Do not need to know the scorer and no, there arenít any bonus points for naming him.

    You will have an opportunity before the first game of the season to submit your guess for top goal scorer for bonus points.
    • Top Goal scorer Ė 20 points
    • 2nd Goal scorer Ė 10 points
    • 3rd Goal scorer Ė 5 points
    The cup competitions next season will run slightly differently in order to keep it interesting.

    For the League Cup and Checkatrade Trophy, points will be doubled.

    For the FA Cup though I will be running a cup competition of my own. You will be paired up against someone randomly, and will be awarded points if you out guess your opponent. If you win, you will gain an extra 5 points. Obviously the more rounds you win, the more bonus points you will gain.

    If you will be away for any of the games this season, donít miss out on keeping your points total running. Feel free to private message me with your predictions and I will input and accept them.

    If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask.

    Best of luck to you all.

    Donít forget, get your friends and family involved. Itís free and fun for everyone.
    It's only football.....But I love it!!! Grimsby till the end of time.

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    Am I blind or is there a way to access this forum through the Town website. I can't see it
    Nothing matters except the Mighty Mariners!! Everything else is insignificant


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      Not yet. I'll get in touch with the club and let them know.
      It's only football.....But I love it!!! Grimsby till the end of time.


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        Well done Woz, I am looking forward to this. You have set the rules out magnificently.

        As it's a prediction league, could I suggest we have more points for the correct winner and correct score, rather than massive
        scores for correct attendances, which are more of a guess than a prediction?

        Oh and I imagine you have had your wedding, so congratulations to you both.

        Just like me, my grandson Sam in Perth Australia loves the Mariners.